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General Info

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Please keep in mind that ROAD BANS are still IN EFFECT. Potential removal date is May 13, 2022
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Reminder to get your pop-can tabs into the office before May 16, 2022!When your sorting your cans for recycling, please consider saving the tabs! Drop off at the RM office for a cause! Help raise money for a Saskatchewan Cause!
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Road Bans are in EFFECT for the Rural Municipality of Foam Lake No. 276. Road bans will typically be on for a period of no longer than 6 weeks (May 16). Please follow the link for allowable weights during road bans.…
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Councilor Info

PositionName, LastName, FirstDivisionContact
Councillor:ChaikowskiAshleyDivision 1306-269-9441
Councillor:FayeGrantDivision 2306-272-7263
Councillor:FedakLarryDivision 3306-272-7476
Councillor:KarakochukJaneDivision 4306-272-3878
Councillor:McLeanRodDivision 5306-272-7744
Councillor:MarkussonSheldonDivision 6306-272-8025
Assistant Administrator :BugeraTeja306-272-3334


The RM of Foam Lake No. 306 incorporated as a rural municipality on December 12, 1910. It was renumbered when it amalgamated with the RM of Beaver No. 276 on December 31, 1952. The RM had the second highest population density in 1955 for the province.

The RM of Foam Lake No. 276 is governed by an elected municipal council and an appointed administrator that meets on the second Wednesday of every month. The reeve of the RM is Ken Kaban while its administrator is Shanna Loeppky. The RM’s office is located in Foam Lake.